O. Shoot Photography (Columbus, GA)

O ShootO. Shoot Photography

(Published Originally 06.04.15 on ARTISCEND.COM)

Written By J. Randolph

With a natural eye for turning fleeting life moments into candid everlasting memories, Oprah Stephens tapped into a passion even she wasn’t always aware of when her husband purchased her first professional grade camera.  Admittedly, she was just “searching for a way to make extra money” when she started taking snap shots.

“My mother has pictures literally everywhere in my childhood home and I know the importance of creating memories you can hold onto” says Stephens of her inspiration.

With an idea in her heart, Stephens maintained focus and dedicated herself not only to professional growth but personal accountability as well. Self taught, she attended every seminar, webinar, and tutorial she could find until she was confident behind the lens.

One client wrote of her work “[she] captured something I want to hold onto as long as I live” to which Stephens replied, “that made me smile because that’s exactly what it’s about–giving someone memories like I had all around me growing up; it made me want to be even better to do that more often”.

Now, even after multiple professional shoots under her belt, her humility and commitment to improvement continues to stand out.  Asked about her own entrepreneurial merit, Stephens says “I can’t make a statement on why people should invest in me, because I’m still seeking a bit of validation in what I’ve chosen to pursue. I am my worst critic, but if nothing else people should always invest in those who aren’t content with being stationary, those [for whom] progression is a constant part of their life.”

Stephens’ attitude reflects the true nature of an artist. It’s a never-ending journey of self- awareness and self-improvement. She says “I want people to remember me for me, for my professionalism, my creativity, my warmth, my drive. I want people to look back on my services and remember an awesome time in front of the camera; creating memories and getting to know someone who is about more than making money.”

We salute a budding artist for a job well done and an attitude that we can all learn something from.