Single Moms Society (Washington, DC)

Single Moms Society.

(Published Originally 08.28.15 on ARTISCEND.COM)

Written By J. Randolph

Society teaches us to judge people based on their standing rather than their story. Monique Beach (affectionately nicknamed Nikki by her close friends) had to defeat ideas she had about her own life to become a better parent and person. She started the organization–Single Moms Society to combat society’s demeaning stereotypes for single mothers and to combat her own critical vision of herself.
At the young age of just 20, Beach became pregnant during her junior year at Trinity University. A hard worker and disciplined student, she was disappointed in herself more than anything else. “I thought my world was over. I was the stereotype and I began to hate myself for becoming one”, said Beach. “I was ashamed to raise a child outside of marriage even though I was college educated and had experienced so much in life. I don’t want that (feeling) for any woman”.

After sulking, Beach resolved not to be a victim of circumstance. “I felt myself embracing it until I came to the realization that I could change it”. Beach began writing and by facing her own life and channeling her voice she was able to reach others who shared and appreciated her story. She created a logo and began sharing her ideas on social media where she received an overwhelming outpouring of support.

One young lady replied to a blog written by Beach with an emotionally charged ‘Thank You’ letter. In it, the young lady described how she contemplated suicide before reading one of Beach’s blogs. The blog was titled “50 Shades of Forgiveness”, and in it, Beach (also a victim of molestation just like the young lady whom wrote the thank you note) detailed how she progressed from praying for the demise of her abuser to praying for the saving of his soul. Just sharing her story had helped save a life and she wasn’t done there.

Now through Single Moms Society, Beach has developed workshops and programs to assist her target audience of young women ages 13-21. Her objective is to first prevent teen pregnancy, but also to provide guidance and empowerment to those young mothers who might not find support in their homes or among their peers.

“We have different stories, we live different lives, so don’t box us in”, says Beach. While she preaches about understanding difference, there is no doubt that she is uniting a community of strong and empowered women.

The Single Moms Society started out as just an idea and now it is a very real organization making a very real difference in the community and the lives of those touched by one Nikki Beach. “I want us to not be defined by this stereotype. I want us to redefine it, take control of it, and get beyond it”.

By sharing her truth, she has already empowered others to live theirs. We support this budding artist and entrepreneur with their vision for a better world-one where you aren’t defined by your challenges but your capacity to overcome them.