Solid State Systems Inc. (Washington, DC)

Solid State Systems

Solid State Systems Inc.

(Published Originally 06.14.14 on ARTISCEND.COM)

Written By J. Randolph

Quality service leads to loyal consumers. That was the mantra of Solid State Systems, a longstanding computer repair business that provided the Washington D.C. metropolitan area with years of outstanding service and community assistance. In 1972, James Randolph Jr. returned home after serving in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War.  Determined to put the tech skills he learned to good use, he (along with a group of investors) started Solid State Systems Inc. In a time when office equipment was difficult to manage, Randolph’s dedication to learning the newest technologies and his exceptional professionalism earned him contracts with some of the biggest offices in the area including the U.S. Naval Facility in Indian Head Maryland, Frank Parsons, Visa, and even the Pentagon. He successfully transitioned from a small shop to a large office with more than a dozen employees, all the way to partnerships with industry leaders Service Zone and Frank Parsons.

Still, throughout all of his accomplishment in the business world, he rooted himself in the community and used the success of his company as a means to give back to other small businesses, churches, and schools. In 1996, Solid State System donated new athletic equipment to Allenwood Elementary school in Temple Hills, MD, where Randolph’s two youngest children attended classes. Starting in 1998, Solid State Systems Inc. partnered with Union Temple Baptist Church to help coordinate and sponsor the community beloved Unifest events in S.E. Washington D.C. for nearly a decade. And even today, after 30 years and despite considerable downsizing, Solid State continues to service throughout the community. When asked what about machines appealed to him, Randolph replied, “There’s just something about opening up a machine (and) discovering how it works; understanding that process is the key to making something that was once useful, useful again. And that made me feel good.” Not only for his exceptional service as technician, but for his ability to maintain a sense of professionalism and duty throughout his success, we recognize this veteran businessman for a job well done. Quality service is an art and one that this pioneer has clearly mastered.


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