The Ashlee Agency (Temple Hills, MD)

The Ashlee Agency (TAA) (Temple Hills, MD)

(Published Originally 06.19.15 on ARTISCEND.COM)

Written By J. Randolph

Opening their doors in June 2013, The Ashlee Agency (TAA) is a consulting firm specializing in personalized business promotion.

Unofficially, the organization started from one woman’s passion to assist. Founder of TAA-Ashlee Koonce says, “What motivates me is the opportunity to help someone nurture their passions and dreams”.

To this effect, her organization has worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and businesses helping them reach a broader consumer base. Like any good networking agency, TAA uses an array of tools but what makes the organization unique is that clients maximize visibility through cutting-edge social media networking, community engagement and personalized outreach.

“My gift is the ability to bring life to flat or dull moments or ideas”, says Koonce. “I had a passion and an idea and found a way to create a service for what people need and something that I feel strongly about”.

TAA continues to help businesses thrive and flourish but founder Koonce has also made sure to remain vigilant within the community. Last year, TAA sponsored a back to school event at Patsy Hartsfield Community Center in Washington DC. Koonce said of the event, “seeing the kids faces light up was priceless…we want to show them that they DO matter and that someone DOES care”.

Koonce’s current focus is the company sponsored event “Entrepreneurs Rock 2015” which will allow business owners, managers and entrepreneurs to network with and enlighten one another.

When asked about the legacy she wants to leave behind, Koonce replied, “I want people to remember The Ashlee Agency as a service to not only businesses and people but to [the] community”.