Isaac Mashman (Jacksonville, FL)

Isaac Mashman

Mashman Coaching & Consulting

(Published Originally 06.29.19 on ARTISCEND.COM)

Written By J. Randolph

Wisdom is defined as the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment. University of Florida sociology professor Dr. Monika Ardelt says,

“Wisdom is a combination of cognitive, reflective and compassionate qualties…It is not just experiences alone that make you wise; it is learning from them.”

Although often associated with old age, wisdom is not exclusive to the eldest of society. 18 year old Isaac Mashman was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL and his talent (as much as it is business acumen), might very well be wisdom.

Mashman is an entrepreneur and network marketer by trade. He currently works with a firm focused on foreign exchange networking but his personal passion is empowering others and he’s learned this through a journey of peer and self reflection. Mashman’s journey as an entrepreneur started early. He mowed lawns as a kid and again used his experiences to learn and grow. Witnessing startups use motivational quotes to monetize Instagram popularity, Mashman started his own page and eventually a website and clothing line. For as long as he can remember, Mashman had a knack for channeling opportunities into ambitions. Longtime friend Kevin McDonald said of Mashman,

“In 7th grade, he hand wrote a catalog. He had modified pens and tools he’d be selling to classmates. [It] was a full decorated catalog. We laughed at it back then but that’s just [who he is]”.

Like many his age, Mashman was a compulsive content consumer. He’d spend hours devouring YouTube videos ranging from music and philosophy to lifestyle and entrepreneurship. However where many of his peers were enthralled with entertainment, Mashman gravitated toward content focused on self-awareness and self-development. He found the entrepreneurial lessons of Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuck whose teachings became as much a part of his education as his classroom learning.

In the spring of 2019, Mashman started his first independent company—Mashman Coaching & Consulting. His goal is to help develop and elevate existing brands through peer strategizing. Even in the midst of his most ambitious business pursuit yet, he maintains a level of humility and integrity in his work that is rare in today’s age of opportunism. Mashman noted,

“How am I to expect other people to follow me when I can’t lead myself…? [I have 13k followers]. 13,000 followers is by the means of social media not a lot of people but when you put it in context, 13,000 people can fill up a small arena. I have to be careful with which way I influence people…I have to be the best leader [and] the best version of myself.”

That type of leadership separates Mashman from an ever-expanding field of entry-level entrepreneurship. It reflects his passion and the willingness to do what’s right before what’s convenient. When asked why people should invest in him, Mashman replied,

“For me it’s really about putting the person above me. …What can I do to help you? How can I get you to achieve your goals [and] what can I do to make your life easier. It’s not about me. The more value I give out, the more I help, the more I’ll receive. I believe in the law of attraction.”

With his empathy, an evident appetite for knowledge, and his willingness to make changes for self-improvement, Mashman bucks the stereotype of the young and reckless. While politicians and community leaders often blame the youth of the community for lack of foresight, lack of drive, and a disconnect from conventional wisdom, Mashman proves that intelligence, compassion and prudence endure within the hearts and minds of future generations. He’s thoughtful, determined, and poised for a promising career.

Mashman is currently focused on creating content and expanding his newly founded personal brand. Although young, he has used what he has learned to blaze his own trail and he isn’t just wise for his age; he’s adept in business and networking in many ways that people twice his age might fail to perceive. He is proving that wisdom is a gift that if wielded properly can direct ambition, assist aspirations, and turn into something worth celebrating as a catalyst for positivity in and for an entire community.