100 Days…1000 Hearts

When building Artiscend, Sette, Trent, and I just wanted to share stories about great people that we had met, worked with, and been inspired by. We felt like these people and organizations deserved our energy and attention. Although we didn’t have much, we wanted to use what we did have to celebrate the people we believed in.

Of course in media, we understand that attention is currency BUT we never wanted attention at the expense of integrity. That’s been the definition of our brand. We want to celebrate the things that inspire us…the real people on the ground empowering their communities and chasing their own dreams by creating and sharing. And even though we know it might not be the most popular, we know there are good people out there who want these types of stories at the top of their news feed.

Author Kevin Kelly said 1000 true fans beats 10,000 attentive spectators. That is what we are aiming for in our new social media campaign dubbed “100 Days 1000 Hearts”. Starting November 1st, we are sharing 100 social media post (at least one everyday) with motivational words, quotes, and photographs from our family to yours.  Throughout the 100 Days, we hope to reach 1000 hearts…people who are as interested as us in seeing the good news in the forefront.

We hope that you will join us and help spread some encouragement and positivity in a world full of critics and crisis.

To support, please share and tag us with your good news @Artiscend / #Artiscend #100Days.  Books & Merchandise are available at (GoodGoesViral.org). FREE SHIPPING until December 19h. Tag us with proof of purchase so we can say thank you personally!

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