Robert Jamison Collection (Fayetteville, NC)

Robert Jamison Collection

Fashion Designer Jamison Sanders & The Robert Jamison Collection

(Published Originally 11.16.19 on ARTISCEND.COM)

Written By J. Randolph

Observation skills translate well in many career fields; none more aptly than in the world of fashion. Jamison Sanders—founder and CEO of Robert Jamison Collection honed his eye for suits and formal attire at an early age.

The grandson of church ministers in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Sanders spent countless hours prepping for Sunday service. He developed an appreciation for the coordination and tradition that was prevalent all around him. That appreciation would later manifest into creativity. By the time he was in high school, he’d already started stitching patches and logos onto jeans and he even took a sewing class although admittedly he only learned the basics.

However it wasn’t until after an unfortunate mass-layoff by his previous Fortune 500 employer that Sanders really focused in on his creative calling. With reward-points he’d earned through the previous job and some extra time on his hands, Sanders bought fabrics and equipment from Amazon and begin stitching and sewing custom pocket squares, bowties, and other accessories. With orders pouring in from friends and referrals, Sanders partnered with a professional seamstress from church to comply with demand and within just four months of losing his job, Sanders established his own LLC—thus the Robert Jamison Collection was born.  

Robert Jamison Collection focuses mainly on luxury, tailored formal wear for men including suits, shirts and custom shoes. However, Sanders’ vision for the brand expands well beyond just clothes. He has already set his sights on personalized styling and the launch of a studio to showcase the brand.  

As impressive as the story of his business transition is, Sanders’s acumen as a visionary has also impressed his community in other ways. In December of 2017, Robert Jamison Collection hosted a Fashion Show Toy Drive where the company displayed its latest works to all in attendance in exchange for toys to be donated to Toys For Tots.

When asked about his motivation for the show and in general his motivation to give back to his community, Jamison spoke candidly about his family. He replied,

“I come from a family that I’ve seen give back their entire lives. My grandfather was the 1st entrepreneur in my immediate family…Watching him and my grandmother and how giving they were…I’ve seen them take money out of their pocket and give to people in the church. I’ve seen that (generosity) my entire life”.

Stylists and designers are ever inspired by the world around them. They take what they see and then interpret it, re-imagine it, and cultivate it into something more. This rings true especially in the case of Sanders and his company. In understanding the importance of what he had seen growing up, Sanders translated that energy into a successful business. But equally important, he also translated it into commitment to community and service.

When asked about his drive, Sanders replied,

“The thing that keeps me motivated the most right now is working my 9-5…I can observe to see how people are being managed and I can take a look at that and [say] once I get to this specific status with my company then I know how I want to treat my employees or I know how I want my employees to feel when they wake up in the morning. I want them to be able to come somewhere that they enjoy coming to everyday. That’s my motivation.”

Vision to see yourself as more than you are can make an entrepreneur. Vision to see the world as something more than it is can make an empire. With his company, Sanders isn’t just making and selling suits. He is visualizing a better version of himself and his community and that is the true crux of his talent and his gift as an artist.


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